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What is HERMES system?

Aplicaciones para el control del sistema

HERMES system provides intelligence to conventional water and electricity supplies for moorings in marinas. Through a self-planned and free-band wireless network, you have total control of supplies in the marina anytime and anywhere, providing great value services for both operators and boat owners.

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Standard features:

  • Water and Electric Supplies
  • Automatic Remote Water and Electric Meter Reading
  • Remote Activation/Desactivation of Water/Electric Supplies
  • Supplies Prepaid
  • Boats tracking
  • Detections: Power Failure, Electrical Protections, Water Leaks
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • System Control Through Internet

Gallery 1: Hermes System concepts

The control device is distributed separately or integrated within the berth. You can learn more Buy Provigil about the system, the control device and/or berth through the sections of this web or by directly contacting us.

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